Saturday, February 25, 2012

MSD Blaster SS Coil 8207

- 100% Brand NEW in BOX
- Original MSD product
- Model 8207

Turns ratio: 70:1
Primary resistance: .355 OHMs
Secondary resistance: 4.4K OHMs
Inductance: 6.9 mH
Maximum voltage: 40,000 Volts
Peak current: 300 mA
Spark duration: 220 uS

Don’t let the compact size of the Blaster SS Coil fool you, because it is packed with performance! The efficient E-core windings are designed to produce high amounts of current without sacrificing the voltage output. In fact, when used with an MSD 6 Series Ignition, the Blaster SS produces 300 milliamps with a maximum voltage output of 40,000 volts!The secondary windings are wound on a segmented bobbin which reduces the chance of voltage breakdown between the primary and secondary windings. For more protection, these windings are encased in a polyurethane compound for complete protection against vibration. The Blaster SS features brass terminals and a sturdy Rynite housing. It is supplied with a 90° boot, terminal and vibration mounts. A great addition to CD Ignitions and some stock applications.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

NGK Hyper Silicone Power Cable EVO123 4G92 4G93 DOHC B16 B18

- 100% Brand NEW in BOX
- EVO123 B16 B18 4G92 4G93 DOHC
- Original NGK cable
- Made in JAPAN
- Limited stock

NGK Hyper Silicone Power Cable ignition wires, previously available only in Japan, are now being released in the U.S. These high performance spark plug wires have been sought after due to their extreme low resistance. While some carbon core wires can have resistance values upward of 5000 ohms per foot of wire, NGK Power Cable ignition wires are rated at an ultra low 270 ohms per foot. Lower resistance means these wires supply more sparking energy to the spark plug. This extra power is supplied while still minimizing radio-frequency interference (RFI) and the patented Hyper-Silicone wire jacketing prevents voltage leak.

Japanese motorsports have proven the usage of NGK Power Cables. By adapting technology that NGK has used for years in its OE style spark plug wires they have improved the conductivity of the material for better ignitability without sacrificing the electro-magnetic and radio frequency noise interference protection that normally accompany lowering wire resistance.

NGK Power Cables provide all the benefits of enhanced overall performance, including better acceleration, more power, reduced emissions and better fuel economy with a minimal investment of time and money.

Perdana Rear Toe Adjustable arm


- 100% Brand NEW in BOX
- Perdana Rear Toe Adjustable Arm
- 1 pair (left & right)

Kelisa Rear Control Arm link


-100% Brand NEW in BOX
- Perodua Kelisa Rear Trust Axle Adjustment Arm

Honda SH4 Front Upper Adjustable Arm


- 100% Brand NEW in BOX
- SH4 Front Upper Adjustable Arm
- Complete set
- 1 pair (left & right)

Monday, February 20, 2012

HWL Hi Lo Soft Hard - EK EG Perdana Accord Wira

- 100% Brand NEW in BOX
- 1 Year Warranty
- HWL Hi/Low soft/hard 24 level + adjustable bodyshift absorber.
- Fully serviceable
- Also available for other model.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Original BLITZ Turbo Timer FATT DC IV - NEW


- 100% Brand NEW in BOX
- Original Blitz from JAPAN

Blitz Full Auto Turbo Timer (FATT) DC IV comes in stylish matt black colour. Renowned for their excellent electronic parts, Blitz has created an affordable yet full of functions turbo timer of superior quality that is suitable for both Naturally Aspirated (N/A) or Turbo cars.
Come in stylish LED display, the turbo timer has the following features:
- Bar graph for easy visibility
- Full auto model which calculate the right “after-idling” time
- Battery voltage meter
- Accurate temperature meter
- Lap timer / Stopwatch functionality
- Equipped with hand brake safety function

Wira Iswara carburator saga mega valve filter


- 100% Brand NEW in BOX
- Wira Iswara Satria 1.3/1.5 carburator & saga mega valve stadium filter
- model 31467

TURBO S 3x2x1 Extractor - Kenari Kelisa Myvi 1.0


- 100% Brand NEW
- Brand: Turbo S
- Made by Super circuit
- Fits to: Kenari/Kelisa/Myvi 1.0
- 3x2x1
- Stainless steel

TODA High Power Timing Belt EVO1-8 Airtrek


- 100% Brand NEW in BOX
- 100% Original TODA from JAPAN
- TODA High Power Timing Belt
- Fit to: EVO 1-8/ Airtrek
- Code: 06141-4G6-300
- Also available for: Subaru EJ20T (RM750)

TODA high power timing belt (vs. standard belt)

Resistance to cutting : approx. 3.5 ~ 4 times
Heat resistance : approx. 2.5 ~ 3 times
Tooth integrity : approx. 3.0 ~ 4 times
Resistance to abrasion : approx. 2.5 ~ 3 times.

With using up-rated valve springs and high lift cams as well as being driven under more arduous sports driving conditions the additional stress placed on the original OEM cam belt are considerable. These additional stresses lead to among other things increased stretch degradation resulting in inaccurate valve timing as well as reduced durability.
TODA High Power Timing Belts are designed from high quality materials to give improved durability as well as reduced stretch degradation.

JASMA 9'' 5 speed SR20DET light weight flywheel

- 100% Brand NEW in BOX. - Jasma Light Weight Flywheel - 5.9kg - Fit To: 5 speed SR20DET # Visit our showroom at Pandan Indah. -...