Wednesday, March 30, 2011

JASMA Saga/Iswara short shifter chrome with extender


- 100% Brand NEW

- JASMA short shifter for saga/iswara

Cusco Civic EK Brake Cylinder Stopper


- 100% Brand NEW in BOX

- Cusco Civic EK Brake Cylinder Stopper - model 30002

During hard braking will twist the toe board where the brake master cylinder is located, and this results in decreased brake pedal effort. To improve the brake feel further, CUSCO recommend the master brake Cylinder stopper. What this is is a bolt-on unit that attaches to the back of themaster brake Cylinder piston and the suspension tower to eliminate movement on heavy braking. Brake feel will improve as the master Cylinder does not flex anymore. Have someone sit in your car and press the brake pedal firmly and watch the booster/master cylinder. The firewall will flex a little from the pressure. You can visually see it move a little forward, then retract when the pedal is released. Same as if you pressed against a quarter panel with your foot, the pedal is only mounted to hold it in place, the sheetmetal used in the bracket and the firewall are both thin enough to allow for plenty of unwanted flex. The master cylinder stopper bolts the shock tower (where the steel is a little thicker) and has an adjustable pushrod to press against the cylinder, keeping it from moving.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

JASMA Engine Damper kit for Proton Wira 1.6/1.8 4G92 4G93 CD5A


- 100% Brand NEW in BOX

- JASMA Engine Damper kit for Proton Wira 1.6 / 1.8 / 4G92 DOHC Mivec / 4G93 Turbo CD5A - model 26349

Auto Jaw Vtec controller


- 100% Brand NEW in BOX

- Vtec controller model 30003

- made in Taiwan

Key Features: The intakes of the conventional engine are controlled by a set of camshaft; however, the VTEC engine manufactured by HONDA whose camshaft are designed with 2 sets of cams with different angles where they don’t control the intakes directly. The intake is controlled by a set of multi-step variable controlled lobe to push the intake valves: the smaller angled cam will activate the intake valve when engine speed is low; while engine speed is raised to a certain high rpm, the lobe will be fixed and activated by cams with larger angle and control the intake vale. The default operating rpm of HONDA VTEC is set at 4500 ex-factory. However, not every driver would satisfy with the performance of this setup. Naturally, the insiders will look for the better tune-in for the VTEC other than the default setting ex-factory. Evil has developed a sophisticated VTEC controller to provide users the convenience of self-setting the VTEC operating rpm that the users can easily configure the default rpm into the driver’s idea of best adjustment value. When your vehicle has been revised and configured, the VTEC not only can still output the horsepower what it should, but also lower the fuel consumption effectively. The product has a built-in rpm monitor device which can control the camshaft timing in VTEC accurately. An attached overdrive indicator will signal the best gear-switch timing for driver’s choice. Features: �For HONDA VTEC engine only. �Built-in rpm gauge indicate the VTEC operating condition accurately. �Built-in overdrive indicator, indicate the best gear-switch timing clearly. �Increase the VTEC engine performance by raise the horsepower or lower the fuel consumption.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

JASMA Mitsubishi 4G92 1.6 SOHC racing camshaft


- 100% Brand NEW in BOX - JASMA Mitsubishi 4G92 1.6 SOHC racing camshaft

- model 29592

286/286 degree duration

Inrake lift : 11.0mm

Exhaust lift : 10.9mm

JASMA Racing Camshafts are proven performers and a preferred choice for the enthusiasts of high performance. JASMA camshafts ensure increased horsepower and torque across the entire RPM range. These shafts are manufactured and designed using state-of-the-art casting technologies, before CNC-ground to precise tolerance and performance specifications.

JASMA camshafts are not reground OEM units; they are machined from new billet cores which are constructed from a high nickel content iron alloy. By manufacturing all camshafts from billet cores, JASMA is able to produce camshafts that equal or exceed the quality of the OEM units they are designed to replace. JASMA 4G18 camshafts are direct replacements and are designed to be compatible with the factory valve train components.

JASMA Racing Clutch pump for EG/EK and B/D series


- 100% Brand NEW in BOX

- JASMA Racing Clutch Slave Cylinder For Honda Civic 1990-2000

-EG/EK, B series & D series. JASMA Racing Clutch Slave Cylinder ( clutch pump ) When using aftermarket racing clutch kit, this product changes heavy clutch pedal feeling to lighter feeling. Bigger cylinder diameter (23mm) comparing with standard one (19.05mm) enables you to control clutch pedal much easier. The JASMA racing clutch slave cylinder reduces the weight of your clutch pedal enabling greater control of clutch movement with aftermarket clutches. This slave cylinder is a great addition to your aftermarket clutch setup when running a much stiffer pressure plate than stock. This slave cylinder utilizes a much stronger internal piston to hold/push more force. Worthwhile upgrade for street, drag & track cars. This is ideal for anyone who has a heavy pedal due to an uprated clutch. A High Quality, Plug & Play Replacement Clutch Slave Cylinder For Honda Civic 1990-2000-----EG/EK, B series & D series.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

D1 bonnet pin lock


- 100% Brand NEW in BOX
- D1 bonnet pin lock

Skunk2 Civic FD 2006-2010 rear lower control arm


- 100% Brand NEW in BOX

#Direct bolt-on design requires no modification for fitment
#Forged and precisely CNC machined from alloy steel and aircraft quality AL7075 aluminum
#Ideal for both street and race applications
#Adjustable from positive to negative camber
#Reduce tire wear and significantly improve vehicle handling
#Low deflection polyurethane bushings act as a bearing to allow the camber kit to pivot smoothly without harsh side effects associated with spherical bearings
#Works even better when used in conjunction with other Skunk2 products: front camber kit, rear lower control arms, arm bar, and strut bar
#Gold anodized finish

Godspeed cross bar civic 96-00 hatchback 2door


- 100% Brand NEW in BOX
- GODSPEED CROSS BAR FOR 96-00 honda civic hb (Hatchback ONLY )
- 2 door only
- for more picture, let us know, we will email the picture.
- price is nett, since its very cheap.

- This comes with the x-cross bar, the bottom strut, top strut and the
butterflies for maximum rigidity.

- this require minor cutting near the c pillar


Godspeed cross bar is born for one function only by connecting the c-pillar
and rear upper strut making the rear section of the car act as one thus
reducing the flex to zero. It utilizes the C-pillar and strut points to
decrease / eliminate body flex during hard cornering. Maximizing 4 critical
points of the chassis to 1 stress point. the improvement is undeniable The
Godspeed cross bar is the standard of pillar bar & strut bar combined. you
will feel the difference instantly after installation. This bar will put your
street / show car above the rest.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Just released the perfect front camber solution for lowered HONDA / ACURA! If you have a lowered either, your front camber is off and the best solution for the correct suspension setup is this New Front Camber Adjusters. Designed for race-precision adjustments and long service life, these front camber adjusters are equipped with hemispherical rod-ends that allow incredibly controlled front suspension travel & predictable response. They also improve handling and allow for even tire wear!

1. Camber is the inward or outward tilt of the tire/wheel addembly
2. This angle is measured from true vertical line, perpendicular to ground
3. Tire/wheel that is tilted outward at the top is considered to have Positive camber
4. Tire/wheel assembly tilted inward at the top, displays Negative camber
5. For a zero setting, Tire and wheel assembly is in the exact vertical position or perpendicular to ground
6. Adjusts your camber +1.25 to 3


**88-91 HONDA CIVIC EF (all models)
**92-95 HONDA CIVIC EG (all models)
**88-91 HONDA CRX (all models)
**93-97 HONDA DEL SOL (all models)
**90-93 HONDA ACCORD (all models)
**94-97 HONDA ACCORD (all models)
**92-96 HONDA PRELUDE (all models)
**97-01 HONDA PRELUDE (all models)
**90-93 ACURA INTEGRA (all models)
**94-01 ACURA INTEGRA DC2 (all models)
**CELICA 89-99
**MR2 91-97

Monday, March 21, 2011

JASMA silicone elbow hoses

- 100% Brand NEW
- Call/sms/email for pricing.
- start from RM29

5 layers silicone
4 ply Polyester
4.5mm Wall Thickness
Working Temperture:60 degree to 180 degree
Hose Burst Pressure Limit Equal to 5 Bar
Ensure the hose working properly in extreme racing environment.

#90 degree elbow silicone hose
1.5''*1.5".............90 degree elbow
1.75"*1.75''.........90 degree elbow
2''*2''..................90 degree elbow
2.5''*2.5".............90 degree elbow
3''*3"..................90 degree elbow
3.5''*3.5''.............90 degree elbow
4''*4''..................90 degree elbow

#45 degree elbow silicone hose
1.5''*1.5".............45 degree elbow
1.75"*1.75''.........45 degree elbow
2''*2''..................45 degree elbow
2.5''*2.5".............45 degree elbow
3''*3"..................45 degree elbow
3.5''*3.5''.............45 degree elbow
4''*4''..................45 degree elbow

1.5''*1.75".....reducer 90 degree elbow
1.75"*2''........reducer 90 degree elbow
1.75''*2.5".....reducer 90 degree elbow
2''*2.5''..........reducer 90 degree elbow
2''*3''.............reducer 90 degree elbow
2.5''*3"..........reducer 90 degree elbow
2.75''*3''........reducer 90 degree elbow
3''*3.5"..........reducer 90 degree elbow
3''*4''.............reducer 90 degree elbow
3.5''*4''..........reducer 90 degree elbow

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JASMA 9'' 5 speed SR20DET light weight flywheel

- 100% Brand NEW in BOX. - Jasma Light Weight Flywheel - 5.9kg - Fit To: 5 speed SR20DET # Visit our showroom at Pandan Indah. -...