Thursday, May 24, 2012

Greddy 4points front strut bar Saga2 Viva Myvi Wira BLM Saga

- 100% Brand New
- Greddy 4points front strut bar
- Available for:
Wira, Saga2, Saga, BLM, Viva, Myvi
- Greddy 4points front strut bar are make of light weight aluminum.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

GREDDY Waja Gen2 Persona Wira Satria fender bar


- 100% Brand NEW.
- Greddy Waja, Gen2 & Persona fender bar.
- Greddy Wira, Satria, Satria GTI, Putra fender bar.
- Greddy fender bar are make of light weight aluminum .
- Price quoted for 1 pair.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Holset turbo turbine and flange stainless steel gasket TD04 T25 T28 TD05 T04E T3 T4

- 100% Brand NEW in Packing.
- Material: Stainless Steel

Holset TD05/TD04 4pc set gasket model 32012...............RM55

Holset T04E/T3 & T3/T4 turbine gasket model 32016........RM33

Holset T3 flange gasket model 32014.........RM25

Holset T25 turbine gasket model 32017......RM33

Holset T25 flange gasket model 32013.......RM25

Holset T4 flange gasket model 32015.........RM33

Sunday, May 6, 2012

JASMA Mitsubishi 8inch clutch cover and disc - THAILAND


- 100% Brand NEW in BOX.
- JASMA Mitsubishi 8" clutch cover and disc.
- For: 4G92 1.6 Mivec, 4G92 1.6 SOHC, 4G91, Waja Campro, Waja 4G18, Gen2 1.3/1.6 & Satria NEO, Persona, Saga BLM.
- Made in Austria, Assembled in Thailand.

#Enable quicker shifting
#Retaining good pedal feel while maintaining full adhesive strength
#Longer clutch life
#Smooth and precise feel with easy modulation
#Quiet, trouble free operation
#Less vibration free operation
#Due to higher clamloads a noticeably improved performance can be achieved

Greddy front strut bar - Wira, BLM, Gen2, Waja,Putra, Saga, Iswara,

Saga& Iswara


Saga BLM

Gen2 & Persona


- 100% Brand NEW
- Greddy front strut bar
- Greddy strut bar are make of light weight aluminum .
- Available for:
Wira/Putra/Satria/Satria GTI
Saga BLM
Gen2 & Persona

JASMA 9'' 5 speed SR20DET light weight flywheel

- 100% Brand NEW in BOX. - Jasma Light Weight Flywheel - 5.9kg - Fit To: 5 speed SR20DET # Visit our showroom at Pandan Indah. -...