Thursday, December 25, 2014

Arospeed Fuel Regulator Mater Gauge

- 100% Brand NEW in Packing.
- Arospeed Fuel Regulator Mater Gauge.
- 1 Year Warranty.
- Fit to any fuel regulator.

CARSPEED Pro Power Coil FD1

- 100% Brand NEW in BOX.
- CARSPEED Pro Power Coil.
- Price from RM1500
- Complete kit, plug and play (PNP)

That will normally increase your overall top speed performance by 10 - 15% and better fuel mileage ( 15% -20% fuel saving)

-Improves your car acceleration
-Higher torque
-Smooth power delivery
-Better FC
-Same effect as OKADA Plasma Direct Coil

Ultimate mod to increase engine torque and improve FC.

The Carspeed is a original style replacement high power ignition system. The high voltage of this capacitor will then give you a bigger spark. You can gain more power (10% of power up) and better fuel mileage (15% to 20% fuel saving) by using Carspeed Street Racing Coil.
Guarantee more feel than ECU tuning.

Available for: CRV, Fortis, Lancer GT, B16A, Fit 1.5, City, K20, Waja, Vios, Altis, Camry, Wish, Swift, X-Trail, Teana, EVO4-9, 4G91, lancer 97 1.6, Ford Focus, Mazda3, Mazda 5, Mazda 6, Myvi 1.3, Myvi 1.5, Alza, Accord, Grand Livina, lancer, Gen2, 4G93 1.8, Ford I-Max(Ford Focus)

AVS High Power Transistor Unit for Mitsubishi

- 100% Brand NEW.
- Original AVS product.
- Fit to EVO1-3, GSR, Mivec, 4G91, 4G92, 4G93,
- Replace stock transistor unit
- High power output
- More 30% spark energy
- Increase response, torque and horsepower.
- Increase stablize voltage for delivery of spark plug ignition

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Works Engineering BLOW OFF VALVE

- 100% Brand NEW in BOX.
- Works Engineering BLOW OFF VALVE

Description :
Blow off valve (BOV), bypass valve or dump valve is a pressure release system present in most turbocharged engines. Its purpose is to prevent compressor surge, and reduce wear on the turbocharger and engine. Blow off valves relieve the damaging effects of compressor “surge loading” by allowing the compressed air to vent to the atmosphere, making a distinct hissing sound, or recirculate into the intake upstream of the compressor inlet.

A blow off valve is connected by a vacuum hose to the intake manifold after the throttle plate. When the throttle is closed, the relative manifold pressure drops below atmospheric pressure and the resulting pressure differential operates the blow off valve’s piston. The excess pressure from the turbocharger is then vented into the atmosphere or recirculated into the intake upstream of the compressor inlet.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

DEFI Advance ZD Sport Package Meter - All in 1

- 100% Brand NEW in BOX.

- 100% Original DEFI meter.
- Made in JAPAN.
- ZD display.
- Comes with control unit, oil pressure sensor, oil temperature sensor and water temperature sensor.
- To display fuel pressure, exhaust temperature, and differential pressure, sensors and sensor wires are necessary to be purchased separately.

Defi-Link Meter ADVANCE ZD Club Sports Package consists of ADVANCE ZD, ADVANCE Control Unit, oil pressure sensor set, oil temperature sensor set, and water temperature sensor set.

Friday, May 23, 2014

K&N Filter for all type of Vehicles

We are authorized  K&N dealer. Click here for verify.
If you are looking for any type of K&N filter, please do contact us.
Call or email us: 016-3234991/014-6401073,
Car, motorcycle,ATV,4X4,Marine performance filter.

Click here for K&N official website


Evolution Line (Titanium) - ME-MIT/T/2

POWER GAIN : 18.9kW at 6660 rpm
TORQUE GAIN : 22.1Nm at 3800 rpm

The Akrapovič work-of-art Evolution system is made of our proprietary titanium and features the Slip-On dual split-muffler design with a unique cast titanium Y-shaped collector and flange assembly, plus a high-flow link pipe that bolts directly to the OEM down pipe. The Evolution performance exhaust system delivers power increases throughout the entire rev range and is lighter than the stock exhaust system. Our designs will allow “tuned” cars to realize even more substantial gains. Couple this with a much deeper, more aggressive, and drone-free exhaust note and you’ve got the perfect package. Complete the look with a set of four exquisite tailpipes in titanium or carbon fibre. The optional high-flow down pipe delivers further power and sound improvements.

When installing Akrapovič aftermarket optional down pipes with sports catalytic converters or without catalytic converters, which are developed for use on closed tracks only, remapping the ECU is mandatory. When installing Akrapovič aftermarket exhaust system that was developed for use on closed tracks, we recommend remapping the ECU in order to prevent potential »check engine light« warning signals.

Hardrace Front Lower Control Arm, Civic FD1/FD2 06-11

Hardrace Front Lower Control Arm, Civic FD1/FD2 06-11

Hardrace Front Lower Control Arm with 80A Harden Rubber bushes, 2pcs set

SHADOW VTEC Controller


Compact Design: very easy to install.
Inbuilt RPM gauge.
Release the automotive torque and horsepower. Keep the engine in low RPM and increase the potentiality of VTEC.
Changeable ratio working of hi-camshafts which is available in every 100 RPM.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

AEM 320LPH 1000HP High Flow In-Tank Fuel Pump Kit

- 100% Brand NEW in BOX.
- AEM 320LPH 1000HP High Flow In-Tank Fuel Pump Kit
- Part No:50-1000
- Original AEM
- Made in USA

#Weight: 10.1oz (285grams)
#Outside Diameter: 39mm OD
#External Materials: Black plated steel with laser etching
#Inlet Fitting: 7.7mm ID, 11.0mm OD
#Outlet Fitting: 8 mm hose clamp
#PRV Activation: 90 PSI
#Design: Single Scroll Hard #Anodized Aluminum Turbine

#Connector Terminal: 6 mm Spade (pos/neg)
#Min Voltage Input: 6 volts
#Max Voltage Input: 18 volts
#Current Draw (40 psi): 12 amps (13.5v)
#Current Draw (80 psi): 15 amps (13.5v)

AEM High Flow In-Tank Fuel Pump Features:
#Designed for high output naturally aspirated and forced induction EFI vehicles
#In-Tank design
#Tested to flow 320 lph @ 43 PSI
#39mm diameter fits most applications
#Offset inlet design eases installation
#Each pump individually tested
#For gasoline vehicles (pump life may be diminished when used with E85 fuel)
#Kit includes fuel pump, rubber sleeve and end caps, pre filter, hose, clamps and flying lead

The AEM High Flow In-Tank Fuel Pump (PN 50-1000) flows 320 lph (84 gph) at 43 PSI and is capable of supporting over 1,000 HP at 43 PSI.* Click on the flow curves and current draw vs. fuel pressure graphs below for more information.

JASMA 9'' 5 speed SR20DET light weight flywheel

- 100% Brand NEW in BOX. - Jasma Light Weight Flywheel - 5.9kg - Fit To: 5 speed SR20DET # Visit our showroom at Pandan Indah. -...