Tuesday, June 8, 2010

HKS fuel magnetizer red color

- 100% Brand NEW in BOX
- HKS fuel magnetizer red color

JASMA EVO123, VR4 HKS type fuel rail

- 100% Brand NEW in BOX
- JASMA EVO123, VR4 HKS type fuel rail
- model 28572

JASMA 4g93 & 4g93T HKS type fuel rail

- 100% Brand NEW
- JASMA 4g93 & 4g93T hks type fuel rail
- model 28022

Ralliart auto/manual pedal

- 100% Brand NEW in BOX
- Ralliart auto or manual pedal

JASMA B16 & B18 0.4mm ( bore size 81.6mm ) metal head gasket

- JASMA B16 & B18 0.4mm ( bore size 81.6mm ) metal head gasket
- model 28563

BLOX tps ( throttle position sensor ) for honda B, D & H series


- 100% Brand NEW in BOX
- Original BLOX product
- BLOX tps ( throttle position sensor ) for honda
B, D & H series model 28512

The BLOX Throttle Position Sensor is a great way
to replace your existing worn throttle position
sensor without having to change your throttle
body. BLOX TPS Sensors are designed to work with
the B Series, D Series and H Series.

TPS sensors have a limited life span and overtime
factory OEM TPS sensors wear out, break or develop
intermittent false voltage signals to the ECU.
These problems cause power lost, bad gas mileage,
intermittent hesitations and bogging. Until now
New TPS sensors were only available if you
purchased a brand new OEM throttle body from the
BLOX TPS sensor comes with a new gasket to prevent
moisture from harming the internal circuitry.

BLOX cam seal for honda B, D, H & F series

- 100% Brand NEW in BOX
- Original BLOX product
All BLOX Racing cam seals are CNC-machined from high quality billet aluminum construction incorporate a triple o-ring design that is guarantee to seal and exceed OEM standards. Easy install. Each piece is anodized for durability and offers maximum protection against oil leaks compared to OEM or other aftermarket cam seals.

The Blox Cam Seal solves the dirty problems Honda DOHC engines experience after years of service. The OEM rubber seal tends to crack and deteriorate over time resulting in annoying oil leakage.

BLOX Racing Billet Camshaft Seal
Fits Honda B/D/F/H ENGINES
Available in black color
Strongly recommended when servicing, removing or replacing camshafts.

4'' hand held light model 21338

- 100% Brand NEW in BOX
-4'' hand held light model 21338

JASMA racing window net

- 100% Brand NEW
- JASMA RACING WINDOW NET(can be use without
spring load kit device)RM85
- JASMA racing window net spring load kit device
model 28538 RM85

Ever thought what happens to your arms in a race
car when your rolling over, your out of it,
windows gone? Your arms may well be flailing out
of the window apertures! Avoid them being crushed
between the car and the scenary, get some window
nets fitted, cheap and effective. Extra protection
for the driver in the event of accidents.
Compulsory in many types of track events and all
rallies, these window nets offer a valid
contribution of greater safety. Generously sized
(56cm long and 45cm high)

Billion thermostat mitsubishi 71 degree - wira,gsr 4g93T,4g1x,4g9x,evo1-3&vr4

- 100% Brand NEW
- Billion thermostat mitsubishi 71 degree model 27846
- wira, gsr 4g93T, 4g1x, 4g9x, evo 1-3 & vr4

Introducing the Billion range of Performance Thermostats, the "Billion Super Thermo".

Thermostats maintains optimum water temperature, controlling cool-down down and overheating, ensuring maximum engine operating efficiency.

Compared to normal thermostats, the Billion Super Thermo reduces the valve opening temperature by 10-20 degrees (depending on application), thus controlling power drops when the engine heats up.

The item is a drop-in direct replacement for your OEM unit. Billion has made the Super Thermos with two opening temperature settings.

Buddy Club mitsubishi fan switch 78 degree

- 100% Brand NEW
- Buddy Club mitsubishi fan switch 78 degree
- wira, gsr 4g93T, 4g13, 4g15, 4g91, 4g92 ,4g93
- Using very accurate sensor to start the radiator fan at lower temperature to keep the engine keep in the best working condition, avoid horsepower lose due to high temperature.

BLOX Honda B-series n H22 titanium valve retainer

- 100% Brand New
- Original BLOX
- BLOX Honda B-series & H22 titanium valve retainer model 28513

BLOX Racing retainers are CNC-machined from the highest quality titanium available on the market. These Ti retainers are machined to exact specifications and help reduce the overall weight of the valve train area. As a direct result of the reduced weight, RPM's are increased. Each retainer provides assurance from premature wear associated with high RPM's and mileage. For maximum results, use with BLOX Racing valve springs.

All sorts of B-series motors [H22 B16 B18 H22A GSR]

ORIGINAL BLOX dual valve spring B & D for Honda

- 100% Brand NEW in BOX

Blox Racing dual valve springs are an excellent OEM replacement. Designed to work with both OEM and aftermarket cams. Recommended for mild to moderate street motors with a maximum of 9500 rpm’s. This valve spring combination was manufactured to produce less seat pressure than most aftermarket valve springs thus reducing wear on cam lobes. We recommend that you use Blox Racing Titanium Retainers with this set up.

BLOX Racing Valve Springs are wound using super clean, chrome silicone alloy. These valve springs are designed and engineered for both high performance street driving and all-out racing conditions. Each set provides maximum lift while preventing valve float and helps counter the effects of spring surge. These are perfect for naturally-aspirated and forced-induction engines. Easy installation, no machining is required. Recommended for aftermarket, performance camshafts. For maximum results, use with BLOX Racing Ti retainers.



1994 - 1997 HONDA CIVIC DEL SOL VTEC B16A2; B16A3

1999 - 2000 HONDA CIVIC CX; DX; EX; GX; HX; LX; SI; VALUE PACKAGE B16A2; D16B5; D16Y5; D16Y7; D16Y8

JASMA Turbocharger T04E AR.50 capable 450bhp

- 100% Brand NEW in BOX
- JASMA Turbocharger t04e ar.50 capable 450bhp( similar to t3/t4 )t3 flange

Kancil Mira twin antenna


- Brand NEW
- for Kancil and Mira
- black colour
- same size head with Japan Mira antenna

JASMA 9'' 5 speed SR20DET light weight flywheel

- 100% Brand NEW in BOX. - Jasma Light Weight Flywheel - 5.9kg - Fit To: 5 speed SR20DET # Visit our showroom at Pandan Indah. -...