Sunday, March 27, 2011

JASMA Racing Clutch pump for EG/EK and B/D series


- 100% Brand NEW in BOX

- JASMA Racing Clutch Slave Cylinder For Honda Civic 1990-2000

-EG/EK, B series & D series. JASMA Racing Clutch Slave Cylinder ( clutch pump ) When using aftermarket racing clutch kit, this product changes heavy clutch pedal feeling to lighter feeling. Bigger cylinder diameter (23mm) comparing with standard one (19.05mm) enables you to control clutch pedal much easier. The JASMA racing clutch slave cylinder reduces the weight of your clutch pedal enabling greater control of clutch movement with aftermarket clutches. This slave cylinder is a great addition to your aftermarket clutch setup when running a much stiffer pressure plate than stock. This slave cylinder utilizes a much stronger internal piston to hold/push more force. Worthwhile upgrade for street, drag & track cars. This is ideal for anyone who has a heavy pedal due to an uprated clutch. A High Quality, Plug & Play Replacement Clutch Slave Cylinder For Honda Civic 1990-2000-----EG/EK, B series & D series.

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