Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Auto Jaw Vtec controller


- 100% Brand NEW in BOX

- Vtec controller model 30003

- made in Taiwan

Key Features: The intakes of the conventional engine are controlled by a set of camshaft; however, the VTEC engine manufactured by HONDA whose camshaft are designed with 2 sets of cams with different angles where they don’t control the intakes directly. The intake is controlled by a set of multi-step variable controlled lobe to push the intake valves: the smaller angled cam will activate the intake valve when engine speed is low; while engine speed is raised to a certain high rpm, the lobe will be fixed and activated by cams with larger angle and control the intake vale. The default operating rpm of HONDA VTEC is set at 4500 ex-factory. However, not every driver would satisfy with the performance of this setup. Naturally, the insiders will look for the better tune-in for the VTEC other than the default setting ex-factory. Evil has developed a sophisticated VTEC controller to provide users the convenience of self-setting the VTEC operating rpm that the users can easily configure the default rpm into the driver’s idea of best adjustment value. When your vehicle has been revised and configured, the VTEC not only can still output the horsepower what it should, but also lower the fuel consumption effectively. The product has a built-in rpm monitor device which can control the camshaft timing in VTEC accurately. An attached overdrive indicator will signal the best gear-switch timing for driver’s choice. Features: �For HONDA VTEC engine only. �Built-in rpm gauge indicate the VTEC operating condition accurately. �Built-in overdrive indicator, indicate the best gear-switch timing clearly. �Increase the VTEC engine performance by raise the horsepower or lower the fuel consumption.

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