Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cusco Civic EK Brake Cylinder Stopper


- 100% Brand NEW in BOX

- Cusco Civic EK Brake Cylinder Stopper - model 30002

During hard braking will twist the toe board where the brake master cylinder is located, and this results in decreased brake pedal effort. To improve the brake feel further, CUSCO recommend the master brake Cylinder stopper. What this is is a bolt-on unit that attaches to the back of themaster brake Cylinder piston and the suspension tower to eliminate movement on heavy braking. Brake feel will improve as the master Cylinder does not flex anymore. Have someone sit in your car and press the brake pedal firmly and watch the booster/master cylinder. The firewall will flex a little from the pressure. You can visually see it move a little forward, then retract when the pedal is released. Same as if you pressed against a quarter panel with your foot, the pedal is only mounted to hold it in place, the sheetmetal used in the bracket and the firewall are both thin enough to allow for plenty of unwanted flex. The master cylinder stopper bolts the shock tower (where the steel is a little thicker) and has an adjustable pushrod to press against the cylinder, keeping it from moving.

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