Thursday, September 15, 2016

Shadow electronic boost controller

- 100% Brand NEW in BOX.

# Two status of pressure control: create your personal settings and save them in device.
# Rapid switching: press only one button and switch the setting immediately.
# Compatible to both types of turbo charger: actuator and waste gate.
# Pressure limitation: maximum to 200KPa (36PSI).
# Alerting: automatically detect over-pressure to prevent damage to turbo charger and engine. Once the air charging exceeds the setup alertness, EBT will wake up the buzzer and flash the light.
# Resume to original setting: setting will go back to the original by turning off the devise or the engine.

# Visit our showroom at Pandan Indah.

- Price are without installation.

Location : 22M,1st Floor, Jalan Pandan Indah 1/23A, 55100, Pandan Indah,KL (Look for Sign Board JASMA, above Trinity Pharmacy).
Proof : Will provide a official receipt
Working Hour: 11AM-9PM (Monday to Saturday)

Contact No: 016-3234991014640107303-92268921012-3914090

Payment option:
- Online Payment/Postage: 
- We accept CREDIT Card/Debit/Visa card/ Credit Card online payment.

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