Saturday, April 7, 2012

BLOX ITB Individual Thorottle Body Honda H22A F20B

- 100% Brand NEW in BOX
- BLOX ITB Individual Thorottle Body,
Honda H22A & F20B
- Model 31818
- made in Taiwan.

Product Description:

BLOX individual throttle body kits improve engine response and power output, through the use of one throttle body per cylinder. Effective tuning per cylinder not compromised tuning with only one throttle body. Includes all items pictured below
52mm throttle plate and 55mm air horns
Super response - The improvement of the accelerator response is due to the reduction in volume of air within the manifold
Increased power - Improved induction efficiency gives the engine the correct quantities of air/fuel on demand
Each intake is made the same length
Straight induction ports
Individual throttle bodies are individually smaller in volume but collectively larger in volume. Giving both low- end torque and high-end power
Airflow bench tested trumpet
Bottom & mid range Torque increase - Each cylinder receives a fuller charge of air/fuel especially at low to mid engine speeds. This is due to the independent throttle bodies and more effective injector positioning

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