Saturday, March 10, 2012

NGK Hyper Silicone Power Cable Wira 4G13 4G15


- 100% Brand NEW in BOX
- Wira Satria Iswara 4G13/4G15
- Available for other model also.
- Original NGK cable
- Made in JAPAN
- Limited stock

NGK Hyper Silicone Power Cable ignition wires,
previously available only in Japan, are now being
released in the U.S. These high performance spark
plug wires have been sought after due to their
extreme low resistance. While some carbon core
wires can have resistance values upward of 5000
ohms per foot of wire, NGK Power Cable ignition
wires are rated at an ultra low 270 ohms per foot.
Lower resistance means these wires supply more
sparking energy to the spark plug. This extra
power is supplied while still minimizing
radio-frequency interference (RFI) and the
patented Hyper-Silicone wire jacketing prevents
voltage leak.

Japanese motorsports have proven the usage of NGK
Power Cables. By adapting technology that NGK has
used for years in its OE style spark plug wires
they have improved the conductivity of the
material for better ignitability without
sacrificing the electro-magnetic and radio
frequency noise interference protection that
normally accompany lowering wire resistance.

NGK Power Cables provide all the benefits of
enhanced overall performance, including better
acceleration, more power, reduced emissions and
better fuel economy with a minimal investment of
time and money.

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