Tuesday, March 20, 2012

HAYDEN Ultra Cool Auto Transmission Oil cooler

- 100% Brand NEW in BOX
- Model OC-1402 (RM199)/OC-1403 (RM220)

Hayden Ulra-Cool® Transmission Oil Coolers

These Coolers Feature:
#Ultrasonically Soldered for Reliability
#100% Pressure Tested at 150 PSI for Quality Assurance
#High Efficiency Tabulators in Every Tube for maximum Heat Dissipation
#3/8" Push-On Fittings for Quick and Easy Installation

Every Hayden cooler is pressure tested to 300 PSI! Specially designed tabulators in every tube improve heat transfer up to 3 times more than bare tube coolers.

The key to automatic transmission life is keeping the transmission fluid fresh, clean and cool. When fluid temperature exceeds the optimum operating range of 160 to 200 degrees, it begins to burn, decreasing the life of the fluid and in turn the life of the seals, bearings and all moving parts. Installation of a cooler will extend the life of the transmission and help prevent costly repairs.


  1. good post. Now you can use this buy sales leads directory to promote oil seals import & export business.

  2. hello....can this be used for wira a/back 1.5 auto injection (vdo type)? if yes how much does cost, and do you provide installation? thx


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