Sunday, May 8, 2011

Simota 360 Mini Air Filter


- 100% Brand NEW in BOX
- Simota 360degree mini air filter
- model JAU-L13423-21

Simota mini air filter relieves your engine of positive crankcase pressure and recycled carbon vapors from your engine which will cause loss of throttle response due to build up on the throttle body. By venting the vapors the breather helps resolve that problem.

Features advanced 360° urethane filter construction for extra lightweight and durability. Strong galvanized steel mesh with bright epoxy coating.
Chrome top

#Maximum air flow for livelier throttle responce.

#Advanced polyurethane filter construction for extra lightweight and durability.

#Strong galvanised stell mesh coated with bright Epoxy adds long lasting beauty and protection.

#Unique 3D Precision Weaving Technology for constant, superior filtration.

#Deeper pleats for more filtration surface.

#Temperature range from -30 to 150 celcious.

#Cleanable and reusable

Width: 50mm
Height: 35mm
Neck : 25mm

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