Sunday, April 3, 2011

Nissan S13, S14 , S15, R32, R33 & R34 skyline front camber arm


- 100% Brand NEW in BOX - Nissan S13, S14 , S15, R32, R33 & R34 skyline front camber arm doesn't fit GTR

- model 28225

# Product Information Allows you to increase your track (the width of your wheelbase). Gives more precise steering control and feedback. Elimates all interferance, binding and slop in your suspension when used with our adjustable tension control arms. Superior braking stability. Accomodates more steering angle.

These adjustable lower control arms with pillowball ends allow you to accurately set the track (the width of your wheelbase) of your drift/track car. They eliminate every last bit of unwanted play that a normal bushed lower arm would give you, by using high quality spherical bearings to replace the rubber/poly bush. This means the suspension does exactly what you set it up to do, without having to account for the dark art how 'bush play' effects alignment.

On the front arms the use of the spherical bearing means that whatever you set your castor to (tension rod length), there is no binding from the inner bush being forced out of it's natural angle, when the tension rod pulls the front lower arm forward.

The adjustable steering bump stops allow you to set maximum steering angle for your car. Please be aware that the adjustable bump stop is a generic item, that may require slight modification to get maximum steering angle on your individual car, as Nissan use different knuckles with different cars. Bump stops are adjustable as the maximum steering angle position is set on an individual basis, as it changes with castor angle (tension rod length).

Easy to fit. Just measure the length of your standard arm, and use the tunbuckle adjusting system, to set these arms to the desired track width. These arms must be used with our adjustable tension rods. Please ensure you retain enough thread in the adjuster on the tension rod, as the wider you make the track, the longer your tension rod will need to be to acheive the same castor angle.

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