Thursday, April 7, 2011

CUSCO rubber exhaust hanger


- 100% Brand NEW

- suitable : Honda, Toyota, Perodua, Proton, Mazda, Ford & Nissan

CUSCO Rubber Exhaust Hanger:

Cusco Stiffer rubber restrains the Exhaust system moving around, and prevents the hunger being damaged, from its weight or sport driving.

It is a direct replacement of your exsisting Hangers.

It is made of Polyurethane and the color is blue. The hole's measurement is about 11mm. This material is 80% stronger than the OEM bushing and it will never crack. It can also better secure the exhaust and reduce the vibration.


If you drive your performance car hard, the strain on the rubber exhaust hangers can be immense. Undesired movement of the exhaust system can flex or even tear standard hangers, risking interference with the vehicle body or chassis, cracking of the manifold or downpipe, stress to joints causing leaks or even lead to the exhaust falling off the car. To help prevent these problems we're proud to offer our super heavy duty poly-urethane exhaust hangers. They're extremely rigid to avoid flexing and tough enough to cope with high torque transfer. A perfect replacement for tired standard bushes or ideal to protect your new exhaust. Poly-urethane is much more durable than rubber, withstanding contact with oil, grease, road salt and other contaminants.


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  2. Wow, I could use these. Thanks for the info.


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