Wednesday, April 27, 2016

NRG Steering 14' Wheel Leather Red

NRG simple and functional steering design is suitable for all kinds of races. This particular steering is specially design for street use as it has deeper spoke that allows the driver to turn the steering wheel
easier as it is closer to driver’s chest. So driver’s elbow will have an extended angle that provides
more space to do fast turning when needed. The yellow indicator stripe furthrt enhances the driver’s
vision on both road condition and steering wheel at the same time without too much movement of head. This gives extra safety and time for the driver to response to all kinds of road conditions. To ensure best  grips, all NRG steering wheel is made from 100% fine leather and suede, so it has the most natural feel when you grasp them. The horn button is another proudly designed from NRG, as it has the most stable contact points made from pure copper to ensure no rust or miss contact like other metal made horn button. The button surface is made from 100% aluminum which gives excellent quality and feel for dress up.

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