Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hotbits Extractor and complete piping for Lancer GT 2.0/Inspira


- 100% Brand NEW
- Genuine Hotbits product.
- Complete set or can buy seperately.
- Complete set MITSUBISHI Lancer GT 2.0/Inspira :
Hotbits 4X2X1 stailess extractor HB.EM 90-920-S-SS (4-2-1) (as picture) RM580
note: also available in 4X1 extractor
Hotbits Mid pipe HB.ES 90-920M (as picture) RM600
Hotbits rear pipe HB.ES 90-920-R (as picture) RM800

Hotbits extactor:
All pipes are equal lengths and mandrel bent.
Dyno-tuned for maximum engine power gains.
Bolt-on directly to the corresponding Hot Bits Exhaust System.

Hotbits mid and rear pipe:
All mandrel bends for maximum gas flow with-out any restrictions.
Low-note sporty exhaust sound, maximum sound level 78 decibels.
Aluminised steel pipes and mufflers or 304 stainless steel (part no. with -SS)

Dyno-tuned for maximum engine power gains.
Direct bolt-on exhaust system to the corresponding Hot Bits extractors.

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