Tuesday, September 28, 2010

JASMA N1 muffler - JRM-02

- 100% Brand NEW in BOX
- JASMA N1 muffler 12.5''x5.5''x4''x2.5'' inlet
slant JRM-02
- Body length x Body Diameter x Tail Pipe diameter x inlet Pipe Diameter
- model 29010

JASMA N1 Evolution Exhaust.

JASMA N1 Evolution catback exhaust systems were born to satisfy the need for a quick throttle response and to effectively handle vigorous demands of high-horsepower engines. The JASMA N1 straight-through catback exhaust projects from the car at an angle, which helps smooth the exhaust flow to prevent any loss of efficiency.

This ultimate N1 evolution combines all the racing heritage and proven performance. Full stainless steel construction provides maximum power gains and resistance to rust or other damage caused by weathering. The N1 evolution was created for those who are looking for something one step futher than the classic N1 design.

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