Monday, August 30, 2010

Electric Turbo Filter

- 100% Brand NEW in BOX
- Electric turbo filter
- can search at web about this product.
- when the car is idealing the fan not working.
- Only working at high rpm.
- suck in more air (more oxygen) into intake manifold.
- but when extreme air goes in, need additional fuel. this is where greddy E-manage comes in .
- sensor : actually this is a on off switch fit near to the throttle pulley , need modify , to switch on the fan once rpm above 2500rpm.
just like a turbo fan blowing air into the intake manifold

Electric Turbo Filter Kit
Main features

* works on any engines
*add more power on top of all existing modifications
* it reduces turbo lag on all turbo chargerd engines
*it provides and increase of 1psi to your intake
*up to 15 more horsepower guaranteed
*develope 5% HP gain throughtout the rpm range
*activated by throttle body pulley
*power by 12v


  1. how i can get it
    ineed it

  2. Replies
    1. Do you have a email adres? I have some questions. Thank you

  3. still got stock? what size the air filter in case im changing different filter?

  4. currently no stock, can change filter.

  5. can i fix a blow off valve and will it work if i use this if i set the rpm for it to work is at 1500.ineed to know because some of my friends said that it will work.
    please do contact me at 0173577245.frm adi srmban.

  6. if i using surbo .. izzit same wif tis ?


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